We provide a variety of services to assist in the management and facilitation of your wellness program. Our Programs build loyalty and engagement through employee-centered wellness platforms and tools designed for convenient and easy access.


With our Myfit cloud services you’ll have everything you need to institute an effective wellness program. You’ll benefit from the years of experience and expertise of our team of athletic and nutrition experts. Access your Myfit Account any time from anywhere.

Health Training Seminars 

Alongside our online resources, we also

offer onsite training. We will send our team of experts to your office to do onsite health seminars. During this training you’ll be given key insights on how to create a culture of wellness, that will increase the health productivity and overall morale of your company.

Annual Health Screening

We contract with local providers to offer onsite annual health screenings. By providing convenient access to health screenings, you can increase the likelihood of employee participation. The best part is, we take care of everything. We'll schedule the screenings, and handle follow up. All included in the cost your monthly plan.

Onsite Consulting

Your company is unique, it's what makes you, you. That’s why we will take the time to visit your office, get to know you and your specific wellness needs. Every company is different, because every person is different. Therefore the needs of your wellness program will be different. Let us help you navigate those needs. We can even walk you through designing a wellness centered office.